Creating a Portfolio to Reflect YOU

Ryan Bollettino
2 min readApr 11, 2022

To find your perfect gig, you need to show the world who you are.

Prior to the end of 2020, I hadn’t written a line of code, save making those circles on the Apple 2E in grade school. (I’m old. Deal with it.)

the good old days?

Since I completed my certification, and the job hunt has begun, the need to refurbish my older apps and create something that reflects me is high on the priority list. While the apps I created are relevant to who I am: a gamer, a teacher, a puzzler — it’s important to make the apps another part of your resume. If you’ve done enough looking around at positions like I have, you start to develop a sense of what your perfect job would be based on your (current and improving) skills and desires.

For me, I love puzzles. Escape rooms — solving AND building. Puzzle Hunts. Entertaining people. Enriching through knowledge. And so I’ve started to steer my hunt towards that world. There are a large number of people I follow who are active in the puzzle community, but I want to be able to help create a new online version of the pencil and paper puzzle hunts, and how best to create the experience of an escape room virtually. I want to learn more, and so am driven to get creative, create more puzzle style apps, and share those with this community. If the niche doesn’t exist yet, my plan is to be someone that brings it to fruition.

Portfolios! Right.

Reimagine yourself and your ideal position and share that with the world. Put that desire out into the universe — and more specifically — towards the people you want to work with! This is my plan at the moment. Develop some apps that are finely tuned to who I want to work for. While I’m proud of my apps that I’ve built to date — I want to be able to show off who I am to companies and individuals. Personality goes a long way, so don’t be afraid to share yours through your portfolio.



Ryan Bollettino

Current Software Engineer student at Flatiron School, 11 year Math Teacher, 20 year thespian.